Even if you live in a temperate climate like Atlanta, it’s always better to get your pool prepared for the winter to avoid any unnecessary damage that can be caused by low temperatures. However, when freezing temperatures find you totally unprepared, you can still do some things to avoid the worst.

Keep Your Pump Running

Moving water has much less chance to freeze than stagnant water. If your pool water freezes, it may damage tiles and other parts of the pool’s structure. As a temporary and emergency measure, you should keep the pump running. The same measure will also help avoid damage in the plumbing.

Turn on Your Pool Heater

If you have a heater, you should keep it on its lowest setting, so the water won’t freeze against the pool shell or tiles.

These tips are for an emergency, but the ideal is to be always prepared. The best way to do that is by winterizing your pool; in other words, get it ready for the winter. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to do this:

Clean out Your Pool

Get rid of all the dirt that may be in your pool. You can do that with a net or a pool vacuum. You should also clean the waterline tile.

Balance the Water Chemistry

This is recommended in order to keep your pool water balanced, or at the correct pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels. This measure will help avoid corrosion and scale buildup.

Drain Some of the Water

As water powerfully expands when it freezes, draining some of the water is a protective measure against freezing temperatures. Keep in mind that you should not empty your pool, as this may have bad consequences, but only drain it out below the skimmer level.

Cover the Pool

Your winter cover should be the right size for your pool. Your cover should be free from cracks or gaps, as the purpose of the cover is to prevent debris from getting in your pool. It’s important to use a proper winter cover, which is thicker and stronger than a summer cover, as it can be covered by snow or ice.

Although you can prepare your pool yourself, Andy`s Pool Service can definitely help you with your pool maintenance needs. By contracting out winterization, a technician will winterize your pool, performing all of the necessary steps to prepare your summer oasis for the winter.

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