When a small problem isn’t caught on early enough, it’s grows and becomes damaging to the pool. That’s when homeowners call in the pool maintenance companies. We come to the scene to diagnose the problem and fix it. By then, the problem could be much larger and more damaging than it otherwise would have been. It’s best when the pool is properly maintained. Consider the following mistakes:

Failing to Check Chemistry

In order to maintain a proper balance in your pool, we recommended checking the chemistry twice a week. In winter, only once a week is necessary. This will allow minor adjustments to be made. The pH level should be below 8, and the alkalinity should be in the range of 80-140 PPM. Make the necessary adjustments to balance the chemistry.

Cleaning Filters too Often

Yes. It’s important to clean the filters. However, cleaning them too often can be detrimental to the filters ability to keep the clean. Filters need to reach their cleaning potential. They are actually less effective when they are cleaned too often. Just keep an eye on the pressure gauge. When it reaches 8-10 PSI, it could benefit from being backwashed.

Forgetting the Skimmer Basket

When the skimmer basket is full, the pool will experience poor circulation. While checking the skimmer basket, we recommend checking the hair and lint pot, too, if you have one.

Neglecting to Clean Walls

Cleaning the walls prevents algae growth in the pool. To clean the walls, one should use a pool brush that won’t scratch the tile. Doing this will save a lot of money. When pool owners fail to clean the walls, the debris can calcify to the walls. Much like plaque on your teeth, a specialist will need to come in and clean off the buildup for best results.

Turning off Pumps Early

When the pump breaks down, the pool will have poor circulation. This can lead to all sorts of issues. The best way to keep the pump in great condition is to run it for 1 hour for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The pump won’t end up needing to pump as long as it would in colder weather.


It’s important to know the common mistakes that pool owners make with their pool maintenance in order to ensure that one doesn’t repeat these mistakes. If you’re unsure about these mistakes or have issues that need to be corrected first, don’t hesitate to contact Andy’s Pool Service. We can help you take care of your pool so it will stay in great condition for as long as possible.

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