As the warm weather rolls in, it’s time to ditch the coats and scarves and dive into the water! If you are keen on celebrating the rising temperatures with a spring pool party, then here is a checklist from Andy’s Pool Services that will help you in the planning process.

Get the Pool Ready

Most pools are drained or covered during the winter months. Before the ultimate spring pool bash, you need to resurrect the pool. If the pool is without water, then obviously you need to take the time to fill it up. Whether the water is leftover from last year or fresh this spring, it’s important to get the correct chemical balance in the water to ensure that it is safe for swimmers. This involves proper swimming pool cleaners and chemicals. You wouldn’t want everyone to show up for the pool party only to find the water was unsuitable to swim in. Plus, you want the water to look its best.

Decorate the Space

Nothing says “party”like some fun decorations. Choose decorations that won’t be easily blown into the water by a breeze. Balloons, lanterns, torches, and banners are all fun ways of decorating for a pool party. Since it’s springtime, you could even put fresh potted plants or flowers around.

Plan Good Food

Anyone who has gone swimming knows that you work up an appetite in the pool. The best option for a pool party is a buffet. That way, swimmers can jump out and grab a bite whenever they want and there isn’t a mass exodus from the pool for a formal meal time. A nice spread full of a variety of foods is sure to please everybody. Play up springtime with tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. Now would be a perfect time to light the grill for some meat or veggie kebabs.

Don’t Forget the Liquid

Even though the party is in the water, you don’t want to forget to hydrate. Keep a nice cooler of water on hand. You could also have cold soda or juice. If you want to get extra fancy, you could have a bar or mix smoothies or cocktails full of seasonal fruit options. Don’t forget to top your specialty drinks with festive springtime umbrellas or flowers.

Spring is the perfect time to fire up the grill and have a pool party. Just do the proper preparation and set up with pool cleaners, filters, etc., so the water is ready to go. Have some delicious food and drinks on hand with some decorations and you’re ready to party.

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