Spring is here, and that means summer is just around the corner! At Andy’s Pool Service, we love swimming season and want to help you keep your pool in good shape for a clean, relaxing summer spot. Though we recommend that you use a pool service to ensure that every step is safely executed, and your pool is ready to go when the hot weather hits, there are several things you can do yourself to prepare.   

Clean the Cover

A good place to start in your pool maintenance is with the cover. Remove the leaves and other debris that have collected on the cover and get as much of the winter water off as possible. This is to avoid dumping dirty water and foreign objects into your pool when you remove the cover. Once you’ve taken the cover off, you will be able to clean it more thoroughly. Carefully fold the cover and put it in storage until you need it again.

Test and Adjust Pool Chemicals

You will likely need to do several rounds of tests and adjustments as you get your pool water back to safe, healthy levels. If you don’t remember what levels you’re shooting for, this would be a good time to refresh your memory so you will be ready to work your pool care into your summer routine. You may even want to take a sample of pool water to a professional (or have the professional come to you) for testing.

Clear out Debris

Even if you are careful about getting the debris off of your pool cover before removing it, you will almost certainly still need to spend some time cleaning the water. Brush and vacuum the pool and related equipment.

Clean up the Area around Your Pool

The safe enjoyment of your swimming pool involves more than the water itself. Clean up the surrounding area and repair any damaged materials. Winter can put a lot of stress on your pavement and furniture, resulting in cracked, rough, and dangerous spots.

Check Your Supplies

Spring is also a good time to get your pool supplies out of storage and make sure that everything is still in working condition. Take special care to look over the different chemicals you use. If a chemical is past its expiration date, check local laws for hazardous waste disposal to properly get rid of old chemicals, and replace them. You should also check on the condition of safety supplies (such as a first aid kit or throw ring), toys you like to keep around for your family and guests, and any other pool supplies that you think you will need.

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