Many homeowners do not have the time it takes to clean their pool as often as needed. They may also have a hard time keeping their pool free of algae, even with regular cleaning, if they don’t know the best cleaning products and techniques for their pool. That’s why many people choose to hire a cleaning company. Here are 5 ways you’ll be able to tell you’ve chosen the best pool cleaning company in Buckhead to take care of your pool.

Reliable Service

Pools need to be serviced every week at minimum, with more thorough cleanings once or twice a month. After heavy storms or a big pool party, you’ll need extra pool care. And if you fall behind in your pool cleaning even a little, algae can quickly overtake the water and turn it green and murky. Your pool cleaners must come when they say they will, and they should be available for emergency or short-notice maintenance or repairs.

Reasonable Prices

Pool cleaning prices vary widely from pool to pool, with in-ground pools typically more expensive than above ground. However, no matter what type of pool you own, you should never feel like you’re paying an arm and a leg for service, or that your pool cleaner is constantly adding hidden fees. Many pool service companies offer pool care packages that will give you a discount for regular maintenance. Ask your cleaning company up front about its pool repair and pool cleaning prices before agreeing to the hire.

Attention to Detail

Pool cleaning involves a lot more than skimming leaves from the water and vacuuming the sides of the pool. Ask your pool cleaners what their routine consists of, especially when your pool needs a good deep-cleaning. They should take the time to care for your pool inside and out, from the liner to the filter and motor.

Visible Results

One of the most definite ways of telling that you’ve chosen the best pool cleaning company is by seeing their results. Your water should constantly be clean and the walls of your pool free from slime and algae. The chemical balance of your pool should stay relatively consistent, other than natural fluctuations such as after a heavy rainstorm.

Complete Pool Knowledge

Your pool cleaning company should know more than just how to keep your pool looking its best. The experts should also know how to repair problems like torn liners, broken motors, and other issues that happen over seasons of use. They should also be able to help you close your pool in the fall and open it up again in the spring.


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