It’s finally summertime, which means lots of time spent in the pool playing with family members and enjoying the sun and the water. While pools are a lot of fun, they also can be a lot of work, especially with summer storms and unavoidable rainfall that happens in Buckhead, GA. If you want your pool to sparkle even after a rainstorm, there are many things you’ll have to do, especially because rain changes your pool for the worse a lot of the time. Luckily, there are a few easy things that can be done to make your pool beautiful afterward. Here are just a few tips on what to do with your pool after a rainstorm.

Remove Debris

One of the first things you should do following a rainstorm is to check your pool for any debris. Chances are that you’ll have some dirt, leaves, and maybe even branches in your pool. Rake through your pool and skim everything off. Turning on your self-cleaning vacuum may help get some of the dirt out of the bottom of your pool a little faster.

Check the Pool Equipment

Next, check your pool equipment. During a big storm, something may have been damaged, either through excess rainfall or through something falling on top of the equipment. Check to make sure that nothing’s amiss and that there aren’t any broken pieces of equipment. If you think something is broken, be sure to call a pool service in Buckhead for someone who is familiar with the equipment and can handle electricity problems.

Shock and Balance Water

After a rainstorm, the water in your pool has different levels of chlorine, as well as a different pH and alkalinity. You’ll want to ensure that these levels are adjusted before anyone gets back in the pool. One of the easiest ways is to shock the pool and then readjust the chemicals afterward to ensure that the pool is safe to swim in.

Filter and Heat

After you balance the pool’s chemicals, circulate the water to make sure it’s mixed and integrated. The water must be properly sanitized before letting anyone swim in the pool. Because rain changes the water temperature, heat your pool up a little bit so that your pool can return to normal after the rainstorm.

If you are interested in keeping up your pool rain or shine, be sure to contact your local pool service company in Buckhead, GA. They will be able to help you with your pool cleaning needs and ensure that your pool looks as beautiful as the day it was finished.