Cleaning the PoolA swimming pool is an investment in the value of your home but it is also a big responsibility. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your pool’s system running smoothly and to keep your water looking pristine all year round. Check out these swimming pool maintenance checklists from Buckhead’s own Andy’s Pool Service.


  • Water Levels – A visual sweep of your pool can easily determine water levels. If your water level is too high or too low the skimmer will not be effective in collecting debris. Excessive rains can affect water levels.
  • Pump & Filter – The Filter pressure gauge will tell you if water is flowing properly through the filter. Low pressure indicates a problem before the impeller while high pressure indicates a problem after the impeller.
  • Gates & Screening- Be sure to check the solidarity of gates around your pool, especially if you have small children or pets. Check screening for rips and tears caused by either small animals or severe weather.


  • Pool Cleaning – On average, you should run your pool cleaners at least once a week. Whether you use a pressure cleaner, a robot cleaner, or a suction cleaner, once a week will reduce the wear and tear on your equipment and your pool.
  • Chemical Tests – The pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6. Chlorine should be between 1-2 ppm. Alkalinity helps to keep pH levels consistent and should be between 80-120 ppm. Treat your pool with algaecide to prevent the buildup of algae in your pool.
  • Deck Cleaning – Sweep debris or pressure wash your pool deck to keep debris and leaves from entering your pool and clogging your system.


  • Clean the Pool Filter – This is done once a month or when the filter pressure gauge is 5-10 psi higher than normal. Depending on your filter type, perform a backwash or remove the filter to clean it out.
  • Shock the Pool – At least once a month, raise chlorine levels to 5-10 ppm to kill any and all bacteria and algae effectively.
  • Add calcium and cyanuric acid – Calcium levels should be between 200-400 ppm or 150 ppm for fiberglass and vinyl pools. Cyanuric acid should be between 30-44 ppm. If it goes above 50 ppm, drain some of the water and refill your pool to dilute the concentration.


  • Check pool structures – Tighten the bolts on diving boards, handrails, ladders, and slides. Scrub them down with a chlorine based cleaner.
  • Inspect pool cleaners – Check to make sure your pool cleaners are functioning properly and replace parts as needed.
  • Clean filters – Remove the DE and cartridge filters. Hose them down and allow them to soak in a prescribed chemical bath to remove all contaminants.
  • Lubricate O-Rings – Apply a generous amount of pool lube to the various o-rings located inside your pool’s filter.

Maintaining your pool can be a lot of work. For more information or help with your swimming pool maintenance, contact Andy’s Pool Service in Buckhead.