Sparkling pool in AtlantaThere’s nothing more appealing than jumping into a cool, crystal clear pool on a hot summer’s day, but keeping your outdoor pool clean requires regular, careful maintenance. To help you maintain a clean pool this summer, follow this essential checklist for pool maintenance.

Skim the Surface Regularly

While a pool filter will keep small debris from building up in your pool, a filter won’t necessarily catch large pieces of trash or organic matter that fall into the water. Clear out the leaves, flowers, and twigs that fall into your pool on a daily basis using a leaf skimmer or automatic surface cleaner. If these organic materials are left in the pool, they’ll make the water cloudy and they will eventually break down, leaving the pool with a buildup of dirty sediment. Depending on the landscape surrounding your pool, you may need to clean your pool more than once a day. If you don’t have the time to clean your pool daily, consider hiring professionals in pool cleaning and maintenance in Atlanta to take care of it.

Wipe It Down

To give your pool a polished look, don’t limit your cleaning to just the surface. Wipe down the entire pool, including tile surfaces, railings, and the bottom of the pool. Sediments and chemicals often build up and stain the waterline, but wiping down these surfaces on a regular basis will keep the tile looking sleek.

Check Your Filter

Smiling girl in pool in AtlantaSkimming the top of your pool and vacuuming the bottom will take care of large sediments. A pool filter will handle the smaller particles that fall into the water. In order to keep your filter running properly, you must clean it regularly. If you notice that your water is looking a little cloudy, it’s time to clean out your filter system using a process called backwashing. To backwash your filter, run water through the filter on opposite side of its regular flow; this will push any built-up sediment out the filter.

Maintain the Chemicals

The most important step to keeping your pool water crystal clear is maintaining the proper levels of chlorine and pH for your pool size. Use a water testing kit or hire pool cleaners in Atlanta to check the chemical levels twice a week. If your chlorine level is too low, increase your chlorine supply. If your pH level is too high, add acid to create a balance, or if the pH is too low, add alkali to reduce the acidity.

If you want to enjoy a crystal clear pool, regular maintenance is key. Eliminate the stress of keeping your pool clean this summer by following this basic checklist or hiring professionals in pool cleaning to maintain your pool for you.