Maintaining a swimming pool can be hard work and, as a pool owner, there’s no doubt that you would rather spend time splashing around in your pool than scraping calcium or skimming leaves. This is why many pool owners maximize their enjoyment by outsourcing the work to a professional pool cleaning service. Yet there are so many different kinds of affordable pool service companies that it can often be difficult to find the best pool service in Buckhead. Here are some pointers to help you decide between the different pool service companies.


If a pool service company doesn’t have a license, don’t even bother with them. A contractor’s license is often required in many states to perform pool maintenance and repair. Often all a company needs to do is to register with the Internal Revenue Service and obtain an employer identification number for tax purposes. If you have any doubts, check with your state and local agencies and ask them what type of license is required for the services that you want to have done.


The next hurdle is to ask whether the pool service company carries liability insurance. Even though they may have a license, if they’re not insured, show them the door. Pool maintenance may not seem like dangerous work, but remember that the technicians are often working with hazardous chemicals such as acids, which can cause considerable damage when they come in contact with your gorgeous stamped concrete pool deck or, worse yet, someone’s body. You are liable if they’re not insured.


Now that you’ve established licensed and insured, you can determine who offers the services you want. Many pool companies offer all the services anyone might need, but some of those services may not be included in their standard package. Some companies allow you to add or eliminate services so that you only pay for what you want, but others may not do so. Also, some companies require you to sign a contract, but if you haven’t worked with them before, you should avoid signing any long-term contracts.


Though not every pool service representative comes dressed in a company uniform, they should all act professionally. As an example, a professional will have a preprinted estimate form and a professional-looking business card. When you called the company, they should have answered the phone in a professional manner and returned your call promptly, and they should show up on time for the estimate. Expect that anyone looking to earn your business will be on their best behavior, so you should hold them to a high standard on that first call.


The final determination will be price, but remember that a higher price won’t guarantee better service and a low-ball estimate can often be a sign of trouble. Some companies will seem cheap at first but they will have a long list of charges that nickel and dime you for every little thing that they do, so don’t fall for the low bid trick. You should negotiate one flat rate upfront and you shouldn’t be paying extra for chemicals such as acids or chlorine.

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