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Does My Noisy Pool Heater Need Repair? Atlanta, Georgia

Does My Noisy Pool Heater Need Repair?

If you like to enjoy your pool year-round, you probably have a very deep appreciation for your pool heater. While you may think that your pool heater only needs repair when it is not warming the water properly, there are other signs that can point to an ailing pool heater that needs attention.

Pool heaters are more complex than pumps. Therefore, you’ll probably want (and need) a professional to service this pool equipment. Like any other major component of your pool, it is best to schedule an appointment at the first sign of concern. For pool heaters, this may be a weird noise.

While you may not feel the problem or even see it, if you hear an unusual sound coming from your pool heater, it can indicate a problem. Pool heaters can become noisy due to the following:

  • Calcium Buildup
  • Problem with Gas Pressure
  • Defective Pressure Switch

Each of these pool heater issues require different remedies. Some are simple and some may require a replacement part. At Andy’s Pool Services, we can diagnose and repair your loud pool heater if there’s a problem. In fact, we recommend that clients call us with any type of pool heater concern.

Nothing is worse than planning an afternoon swim on a winter day, only to realize your pool water feels cold instead of warm. Pools can fail to heat properly due to many reasons, including clogged pool filters, incorrect pool heater size, corroded terminals and other issues on the pool heater itself.

Need prompt and honest service for your gas or electric pool heater? Call Andy’s Pool Service today.

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