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How “Smart” Is Your Pool? Atlanta, Georgia

How “Smart” Is Your Pool?

A man with laptop by a swimming using a pool automation system.

“There’s an app for that!” In today’s world of modern technology, we can control just about anything with the tap of a finger. While you may be familiar with using your smartphone to make payments, look up information or keep track of your fitness goals, you can now rely on your favorite handheld device to control your swimming pool too. With pool automation systems like iAquaLink®, it has never been easier to control your backyard oasis.

iAquaLink® is a top ranked pool control app that allows you to control several components of your swimming pool from wherever you are (whether it is while you are in your bedroom or on vacation). Pool automation is an easy, stress-free investment for residential pool owners, enabling them to quickly and easily control things like turning valves, setting temperatures, turning on lights and more.

Why does this matter? It makes your pool ownership experience a lot more convenient. For many owners, it allows them to actually use and enjoy their pool more. Most of us keep a busy schedule. With pool automation abilities, you can do things like turn off your spa at night from your bedroom, start heating the pool before you get home or turn on the pool lights to create set an ambiance before guests arrive.

For homeowners who want to take their pool automation to the next level, you may want to consider smart home and smart pool integration. This means integrating your home automation system with your pool automation system. In other words, your house controls (lighting, music, etc) can be synced with your pool controls. The possibilities are endless, and the reward is fascinating with today’s automation technology.

Are you ready to turn your swimming pool into a “smart pool”? Contact Andy’s Pool Service. Your swimming pool should be a luxury not a hassle. Pool automation is an easy way to put the control in your hands. We want your swimming pool to work for you not against you.

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