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Reasons for Your Noisy Pool Heater Atlanta, Georgia

Reasons for Your Noisy Pool Heater

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If you’ve installed a heater from your swimming pool, you have the luxury of enjoying your relaxing oasis despite the cooler temperatures outside. However, as you take a quiet dip in your pool after a long day, you may be alarmed at the unusual noises coming from your pool heater. Noisy pool heaters are not uncommon, and they don’t always mean something is seriously wrong. Still, it is best to determine the culprit to these strange sounds to ensure you don’t end up with a failing or broken heater.

Here are some of the most common reasons for pool heater noises:

  • A Dirty System. A buildup of debris can obstruct water and gas within your heater and cause a grating or grinding sound. A manual flush of your system may be needed to clear the debris and remedy this noise.
  • Hard Water Scale. Just like the pipes and plumbing fixtures in your home, your swimming pool components can accumulate hard water scale over time. Inside the heat exchanger, this buildup can cause disruptive noises.
  • Whistling Gas. A whistling sound coming from your heater often needs a close evaluation, as this can be caused from improper gas pressure or the burner itself. A clogged burner is a common reason for a whistling pool heater.
  • Faulty Pressure Switch. If the pressure switch in not functioning correctly, the pump may shut off while the heater continues running. This can result in audible noises to clue you in on the problem.

If you are concerned about strange noises coming from your pool heater or any other component of your system, call Andy’s Pool Services. We will respond promptly to troubleshoot and fix the issue. Not only does a noisy pool heater compromise your ability to relax and enjoy your pool, but it can also be a signal that something needs professional attention or repair.

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