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The Value of a Professional Pool Inspection Atlanta, Georgia

The Value of a Professional Pool Inspection

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Did you recently purchase a new home with a swimming pool? Before you take a celebratory plunge, you should consider a professional pool inspection first. Backyard pools may seem like a simple oasis, but they are several components that need to check out before it is safe to swim in. Whether the pool is decades old, a new installation or a recent renovation, a thorough evaluation from a pool service professional is a smart idea. In fact, these inspections could not only protect your family in the water, but also save you from costly repairs down the road.

What Does a Pool Inspection Involve?

A pool inspection from an expert can involve a number of diverse components, including the following:

Is Your Equipment in Good Working Order?
Your pool relies on the successful function and good condition of different equipment. An inspection will check the pump, filters, lights, heater and other equipment that your pool needs to work safely and properly. Never try and fix pool equipment by yourself.

Does Your Pool Need Repairs?
If the house you recently purchased has been on the market for a long time, it is not uncommon for it to need repairs. The previous homeowners may have slacked on routine pool maintenance if no one was using it. Unfortunately, even pools that get proper service are exposed to weather, animal and other natural elements that cause damage over time. A pool inspector will give you an honest assessment of what repairs (if any) your pool needs in the immediate or near future.

Is Your Pool Code Compliant?
The list of regulations that come with owning a pool can be extensive and overwhelming. With a professional’s expert review, however, you can ensure you aren’t setting yourself up for hefty fines for being out of code.

Does Your Deck Need a Check?
How safe is the area around your pool? This should never be dismissed or minimized when considering your pool’s overall safety. A pool inspection will consider the condition of the landscaping, deck or floorboards and expose any areas that could pose danger to your family or guests while trying to enjoy your swimming pool.

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