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The Value of Hiring a “Pool Boy” Atlanta, Georgia

The Value of Hiring a “Pool Boy”

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One of the leading reasons that homeowners shy away from building their own pool (or regret building it at all) is pool maintenance. A backyard swimming pool can offer countless hours of enjoyment and relaxation for your family, but it does require some upkeep and routine maintenance. However, with the right expectations and adequate budget, you can leave your pool maintenance to the professionals.

At Andy’s Pool Service, we believe our routine maintenance plans for custom swimming pools can be an invaluable part of owning a pool. With less time worrying about balancing water chemistry or scrubbing your tiles, you can spend more time using your pool and appreciating your investment.

Pool Maintenance Isn’t One-Size-Fits All

Swimming pools do require fair amount of maintenance, even if you have an automatic pool cleaning system. However, the level of this upkeep can be different for each pool. There are several factors that influence how often your pool needs professional maintenance, including the following:

  • size of the pool
  • type of pool
  • specific equipment installed
  • surrounding environment/trees
  • weather conditions
  • number/frequency of swimmers

What Does Pool Maintenance Include?

Professional pool maintenance from Andy’s Pool Service offers more than you may think. In fact, if you are deciding whether to handle your pool maintenance by yourself or hire a professional, we believe you should know all that our team does each time we visit your pool for maintenance and cleaning. Our routine pool service includes:

  • Vacuuming Pool Bottom
  • Cleaning Waterline Tile
  • Skimming Water Surface Free of All Debris
  • Emptying Skimmer Baskets
  • Emptying Pump Baskets
  • Emptying Polaris Bag
  • Maintaining Proper Operation of Filtration System
  • Balancing Water Chemistry
  • Backwashing Filter
  • Checking Automatic Pool Cleaners
  • Brushing Pool Walls
  • Adjusting Water Level, as Needed
  • Monitoring Correct Operation of All Pool Equipment

Keep mind that if a pool is not maintained properly, it can develop problems like algae growth, cloudy water and bacterial or viral infections. These are serious threats to your pool and your loved ones who like to swim in your pool.

To learn more about our pool maintenance plans, call Andy’s Pool Service today. We promise you won’t regret letting us do “the dirty work” while you focus on enjoying your oasis!

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