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Top Signs Your Pool Needs Resurfacing Atlanta, Georgia

Top Signs Your Pool Needs Resurfacing

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Just like any other structure around your home, your swimming pool won’t last forever. While factors such as weather, use and materials will impact how long your pool surface lasts, it may reach the end of lifespan sooner than you’d like it to. But that doesn’t mean your pool is gone. Instead, pool resurfacing from Andy’s Pool Service can restore your swimming pool and bring it back to life.

How to Tell if Your Pool Needs a New Surface

There are several signs that a pool may need resurfacing. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Stains: If you notice stains that cannot be removed through normal cleaning, it may be an indication that the pool surface has deteriorated and is no longer sealed correctly.
  • Rough or Uneven Surface: If you feel rough or uneven surfaces when you touch the pool walls or floor, it may be a sign that the pool surface has started to degrade.
  • Cracks: If you notice any cracks in the pool surface, it could indicate that the surface has become weak and may be in need of resurfacing.
  • Discoloration: If the pool surface has lost its color, it may be a sign of aging or that the pool surface has started to wear away.
  • Peeling or Flaking: If you notice the surface of your pool flaking or peeling, it’s a sign that the surface has started to deteriorate.
  • Rough or jagged edges: If you notice rough or jagged edges around the tile lines or where the pool meets the coping, it may be a sign of a deteriorating surface.
  • Excessive wear and tear: If you notice that the pool surface has started to wear away in specific areas, it may be a sign that it’s time for resurfacing.

If you are noticing any of these signs, call Andy’s Pool Service to inspect your pool and determine if resurfacing is necessary.

Extending the Life of Your Pool Tiles

When it comes to premature wear on your pool tiles, the most common cause is improper cleaning. To avoid having to repair or replace your pool tiles sooner than you need to, we recommend avoiding the following products when cleaning the surface or border of your pool.

Your pool tiles and water chemistry are at risk if you use the following cleaning products:

  • Abrasive Cleaners/Scrubbers
  • Acidic Cleaners (vinegar, lemon juice, or muriatic acid)
  • Bleach
  • Harsh Chemicals (ammonia, chlorine, and other strong solvents)
  • Pressure Washers

These cleaning products may be successful at removing dirt, grime and unsightly stains from your pool tiles, but they can harm the grout and foundation of your tiles and threaten the safety of your pool water’s chemistry. To ensure you keep your pool tiles clean and your pool surface protected throughout the year, hire our professionals from Andy’s Pool Service.

Pool Resurfacing Experts in Atlanta

If you suspect your pool needs a brand-new surface or remodeling, you can trust Andy’s Pool Service. We can resurface your pool interior to eliminate stains, wear, cracks or other deficiencies to make it look and perform like new. Customers can choose from plaster, aggregate and pebble surfaces for a durable and beautiful pool surface finish.

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