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Why Is My Pool Water Cloudy? Atlanta, Georgia

Why Is My Pool Water Cloudy?

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Does your pool water look cloudy or hazy? This can send a pool owner into panic, especially if guests are arriving soon. No one wants a cloudy swimming pool. Not only can it sabotage the look of your pool, but it can be an indication that your pool is unsafe to swim in. Unfortunately, cloudy water is one of the most common complaints from pool owners, but one that can typically be solved easily with the help of a pool service expert.

Causes of Cloudy a Swimming Pool

Like any other pool issue, the first step to remedy cloudy water is to determine the cause. There are several reasons why your pool water may look a little more cloudy or “milky” than you’d like, including the following:

#1 Unbalanced Water Chemistry
One of the most common culprits for cloudy water is low chlorine. We need chlorine in the pool as a sanitation method. The chlorine balance, however, in a pool isn’t always easy to figure out. In fact, there are three forms of chlorine to measure in a pool: Free Available Chlorine (FAC), Total Available Chlorine (TAC), and Combined Chlorine (chloramines). If any aspects of water chemistry get off balance, you can end up with cloudy pool conditions.
#2 Inadequate Circulation
Your pump and filter work incredibly hard to keep the water moving and turn over all of the water in your pool. However, proper circulation in the pool can be impeded by clogs or leaks in pool equipment, blocked skimmers and other factors. An automatic pool cleaner and regular cleaning maintenance (brushing the pool, clearing debris) can often clear your cloudy water if it was caused by inadequate circulation.
#3 Inefficient Filtration
Is your filter too small, outdated or damaged? This could be the reason for your hazy swimming pool. If your filter is not working efficiently, there could be fine particles of debris or sand that return to your pool and make the water cloudy. Your filter could also be struggling to keep up if you have a lot of people using your pool (high bather load) or pets that swim.

Should you stay out of a cloudy swimming pool? It depends. A general rule of thumb is that if your water is so cloudy that you can’t see the bottom of the pool, stay out of it. It is best to determine the cause of your cloudy water before inviting others to dive in.

At Andy’s Pool Service, we can help you prevent the disruption and hassle of cloudy water. Our routine maintenance plans are designed to closely monitor your water chemistry levels as well as keep your pump and filtration system in good working order. Call today to learn more about our menu of affordable pool services in Atlanta.

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