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Roswell Pool Resurfacing

Keeping your swimming pool in Roswell in prime working condition takes effort and investment. But even then, pools still show wear and tear with use, weather and time. Pool resurfacing can add new life to an old swimming pool, providing you with many more years of enjoyment and relaxation from your initial pool investment. Andy’s Pool Service offers quality Roswell pool resurfacing in north GA.

What is Pool Resurfacing?

Pool resurfacing involves the complete removal of your old pool interior surface covering so that entirely new material can be applied. Older material can become stained, discolored, rough, flaky or develop cracks and leaks. In addition to being aesthetically unpleasing, peeling and flaking pool material can be unsafe, causing injuries to pool users.

Removing this old interior and replacing it with new material adds new vitality, strength and beauty to your pool that can last a decade with proper care. Popular pool resurfacing materials in Roswell include tile, concrete, plaster, pebble and aggregate. Andy’s Pool Service can evaluate your pool and recommend a resurfacing solution to fit your needs and budget.

Pool Renovation and Remodeling in Crabapple

When resurfacing your pool in Crabapple, GA, isn’t the answer, you may need to go a step beyond and consider pool renovation and remodeling. Both involve making significant changes to your pool to add excitement, versatility and appeal. Older, boring rectangle-shaped pools of a uniform depth may have been an affordable addition at the time, but they can grow dull.

Pool renovation and remodeling in Crabapple can transform boring swimming pools into something much more attractive that will be used and enjoyed frequently by family and guests. Enlarge your pool and add depth, shape and underwater lighting. Install new equipment to save money and time. Add a slide, waterfall or mid-pool island for fun and aesthetic appeal. Build a deck around the pool for easier entertaining.

Andy’s Pool Service can work with your ideas or suggest other options to enliven your existing pool. We’ve been serving northern Georgia homeowners since 1987, so we’ve seen a few creative pools in our time. We are your area 5-star rated pool service company that offers quality, experienced pool renovations in Roswell, Crabapple and beyond.

Contact Andy’s Pool Service today and discuss your pool needs with a team member. We are happy to examine your pool and provide you with a quote for our variety of services.

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